So, this is me biking across the country

Hopefully I'll have computer access often enough to post updates...I'm biking across Canada this summer. Leaving Vancouver June 28th, arrive in St. John's NFLD on Labour Day weekend.

Photos and stuff will be posted here (photos probably also on facebook), and I'd love to hear your encouragements and such via email or facebook.

Blazing Saddles Oddyssey (another perspective) 

Here’s a blog by 2 of the riders (they had a laptop along, which in hindsight might have been nice for things like blogs)

The end is near

So, today was our 3rd last riding day.  We spend the night on the ferry tonight, and arrive sometime in the early afternoon Saturday.  We’re riding to Whitbourne to stay in a rec centre (no more setting up tents!), then on to St John’s on Sunday!

The Cabot Trail

So, for most of the trip, we had heard about this road on the shores of Cape Breton Island called “The Cabot Trail”.  Basically we’d heard 2 things:

  1. its very scenic
  2. its very hilly

Both of which were understatements.  The hills were the toughest and steepest I’ve ever seen on a paved road, and the toughest I’ve ever climbed (seriously, the rockies were easy by comparison).  Several of our riders had to walk up the hills, and I can’t say I blame them. The views were spectacular though, but you definitely had to earn them.  I think it was my favourite couple days of the trip in terms of scenery (we also had sweet weather, which helped matters)

Cabot Trail

Cabot Trail

Tougest day of the trip today. 2 really steep hills that made the rockies look like foothills, also the most scenic too though.

I broke the speed limit today…on the highway. 80.14kph. Too bad there werent any cops around to flag me down and put it in writing :)

Long day today, very hilly, strong headwind too. Tomorrow, the Cabot Trail, supposed to be the most climbing we will ever do.

Insanely winy tonight in Lower Barneys River, NS. Its nights like tonight im glad im sleeping in a North Face :). Hilly 167km ride tomorrow.

hmmm…ferry cancelled. 2.5hr wait :(

Thanks to the well equipped PEI tourism centre, I’ve got internet access while we wait for the 2:30pm ferry to Nova Scotia, instead of the 12:30 we were hoping to catch (cancelled)

T-storm Danny

So, apparently winds were actually around 70kph

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